The Impact of Lane Discipline on Speed and Time Headway

Published In: Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Technology, PakJET


Lane discipline has a major impact on traffic density, speed, and time headway. In this paper, three-dimensional (3D) centre lane marking is used to enforced lane discipline. Traffic congestion mitigated with three dimensional lanes marking as the speed and headway increased. The Camlytics is used to observe the egress and ingress time. The statistics analysis noticed an increase in speed and headway after 3D lane marking. Gamma and Lognormal distributions are found the best fit for speed before and after 3D marking, respectively. Normal and Weibull distributions are the best fit for headway in the absence and presence of 3D lane markings, respectively. These distributions can be used for traffic flow characterization. This study recommends strictly enforcement of lane discipline to counter traffic congestion.