Impact of pedestrians crossing road width on vehicles traffic flow at IJP road

Published In: Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Technology, PakJET


In the developing countries, mostly pedestrians are involved in traffic accidents. These accidents occur due to the non-abidance of rules by both pedestrians and drivers. To quantify pedestrians crossing a road width impact on vehicular flow, a case study has been conducted at Inter Junction Principal road in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Pedestrian crossing road width impact (of single, two, three and four pedestrians) has been calculated on vehicular flow, speed and density. For this purpose, roadside traffic video was recorded three times a day from a pedestrian bridge for eight consecutive days. For traffic flow analysis, Camlytics (commercial traffic analysis software) has been employed. Pedestrian’s road width crossing time, speed and impact on different types of vehicles have been analyzed according to pedestrian’s age and gender. Furthermore, road crossing impacts on vehicular flow, speed and density are analyzed by pedestrian’s age and gender. Relationships are developed between speed and flow, speed and density, and flow and density by the disturbances caused by pedestrian road crossing. It was observed that old female pedestrians cause the most vehicular flow disturbances. Furthermore, the speed distribution does not follow the Greenshield speed distribution characterization. The traffic speed does not reduce to zero even when there is maximum traffic density present on the road.