A Videogrammetric Analysis of On PeakOff Peak Traffic Density A Case of Board Bazaar Peshawar

Published In: Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Technology, PakJET


The increasing population is a growing issue in densely populated cities, which leads to an increase in transportation services. In this paper travel time delay due to stationary bottleneck was observed throughout the week in one of the densely populated cities of Pakistan i.e. Peshawar. Videogrammetry was implemented to obtain the recorded frames through the various days of the week. The recorded frames were then statistically analyzed to identify the travel delays in Board Bazaar Peshawar at a stationary bottleneck using SPSS and Statgraphics Software. The statistical analysis revealed a direct proportionality between traffic density and travel time, whereas an inverse proportionality was identified between traffic speed and traffic density. A high traffic density was observed on working days, whereas on the non-working days a reduced traffic density was observed. This study recommends a predictive target lane vehicular guidance system for a smooth traffic flow.